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Jerico Made in Toronto

We particularly like to get Clothing from Jerico. Jerico produce their garments from knitting the fibers to the finishing touches here in Ontario. Jerico are quite proud of their working conditions and carry a wonderful line of Bamboo clothing, which have many ecological, and consumer advantages. They also make sports jerseys that we can print on and are viewable through The TEAMCO website .

Effort is our source for super warm and durable hemp clothing which is also an environmentally low impact crop unlike bamboo . Effort also features soy fabric, organic cotton and bamboo clothing.

With many styles inspired by American Apparel rebel can be a great source for hard to find colours in hard to find styles, manufacturing in the GTA and willing to make custom colourways or cuts with relitivly little extra cost or hassle.
American Apparel:
Items from American Apparel are available in canada through Alpha broder or from The Budget Tee Shirt Co.  (Ships from B.C.)  


 canadian union apparel

Canadian Union Apparel - 100% Canadian

Established in 1956, Canadian Union Apparel has 50 years of experience as one of Canada´s leading manufacturers. From our factory in downtown Toronto, Canada, we provide our customers with superior quality sports-wear designs for men and women at the most competitive prices. Unionized Workforce - 100% Sweatshop-Free . They have a new line of organic tees that are really soft and they come in mens and womens styels both offer exceptional cuts.



Hae Now


Everything from Hae Now is certified organic and fair trade, they have a great selection of mens, womens, youth clothing and accessories. There is also lots of information on their website about why you would want to care about organic production and their fair trade pratices benifit programs and facilities.


Remember when you visit some of my suppliers sites that the prices they list are full retail, and that we wholesale distribute these items at much lower prices.